Here is the HSE’s internal Record of inspection of principal designers which was given to industry members by an HSE inspector. You can use it as a self-assessment tool for the quality of your service offering.

It references the Hulland Report. This report recommends allowing industry five years to get to grips with CDM 2015.

Our views on this document

SID have received this document via industry colleagues, please note we do not own the copyright of this document but consider it a valuable resource when planning your CDM compliance.

We consider it a valuable resource as it clearly sets out the regulator’s expectations of Principal Designers. However we can see how this raises the bar for industry and may cause smaller organisations concern. This is because some of the questions are challenging or use specialist terminology with which construction professionals might not be familiar.

If you are concerned, you may need to review this with your Health and Safety Adviser or contact us for specialist information and support.