CDM2015 for Principal Designers and Designers

Practical CDM2015 for builders and related trades

CDM2015 for Multiple Duty Holders

CDM2015 for Designers

CDM2015 for Principal Designers

CDM2015 Designer Mentoring

Health and safety law in the UK construction

Designing For Health

Senior Managers Briefing on H&S Risk Management

Create Your Contract

Know Your Contract

Together with our partners we have developed a broad range of courses to support professionals in the built environment. Fundamental to the excellence of delivery is our selection and support of/for high quality tutors through the Tutor Register.

We encourage practicing professionals to run workshops within their area of expertise with appropriate support as necessary.

Architects empowered to help architects.  Topic experts supported to help their community.

Come along to one of our courses and see for yourself, and if you like it apply to join our Tutor Register and run one yourself for your community.


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@RIEGL Flood plains and surrounding water sources

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