Construction methods

This section of the CDM 2015 Guidance covers health and safety on a construction site. These guides can be used by designers within the construction industry but are also a valuable guide for anyone working on a construction site.

Heavy lifting by hand

Guidelines for safer manual handling including lifting and lowering loads. It includes guidance on posture, physical strain and handling hazards within the construction site.

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Manual handling information

Manual handling and vibration pose significant risks to construction
workers, with musculoskeletal injury at the top of the list. Reduce the hazards, with the help of our guide.

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Heavy lifting by crane

Cranes are designed to lift freely suspended loads in a vertical plane. They are commonly used to carry out lifting operations on construction projects.

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Noise can have a seriously detrimental impact on health. Construction sites pose a particular risk, and designers have an important role to play in helping to manage this.

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Erection techniques

The CDM regulations require designers to think about the hazards associated with erecting structures. It pays to be aware of the risks, and include ways of minimising them in your project.

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Contractors have a legal duty to protect workers from the hazards of erecting steel. Designers can aid them in this, by incorporating features that minimise exposure to risk.

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Temporary structures

It is tempting for designers to ignore temporary works on their projects – they are, after all, the responsibility of the contractor. But why not help minimise the hazards associated with them?

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Working at height

Most contracts involve working at height. This poses a risk of falling, which you can help mitigate by designing protection into your project.

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Roofs are an inevitable part of any building, so it pays to minimise the risks associated with working on them. This guide shows you how.

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Concrete blocks feature in most construction projects, and working with them poses a number of hazards to workers. Play your part in helping to reduce the risks, with the help of our guide.

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