We are really excited to be working with some highly creative minds to bring you extraordinary experiences in on line training

e-Learning means you can be sure of consistency of messaging to all staff and allows for training to be fitted in around working lives.

We are providing bite sized courses and training environments for you supported by face to face workshops and consultancy if you decide you need it to maximise your understanding of new ways of working.

Each module has its Learning Aims clearly expressed and comes with a short test of Knowledge to help delegates to confirm their understanding.

We also provide team discussion and activity ideas to help you to fix the learning into your project delivery. This helps to expand your team development and the practical ideas you use to embed sensible health, safety and responsibility management into your management and organisational capability.

Our first major product is a package of modules to simplify CDM 2015.

Content has been written by chartered designers and qualified trainers then checked by lawyers before being turned into accessible content for you, so you can be confident it is correct.

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