Incident investigation

Learning objectives:

  • Recognition of what an incident is in law an in practice
  • Understand the importance of learning from incidents
  • Recognise the importance of working as a team to understand root causes
  • Recognise different incident investigation techniques that allow for corrective action

Programme overview:

  1. Session 1 Introduction
  2. Session 2 “An incident occurred” An exploration of what an incident is and how to respond
  3.  Session 3 The law and other drivers for incident investigation approaches
  4.  Session 4 Human error? How and why people behave as they do and where blame fits into the mix
  5.  Session 5 Dealing with blame by regulators and by peers. Why it is a barrier to investigation.
  6. Session 6 Techniques for incident investigation
  7. Session 7 Effective learning and corrective action – people not paperwork.
  8. Session 8 Review and feedback – has this helped? How? What evidence is there eg in ‘Next Steps’ actions?

The delivery style will be by a mixture of conversation and delegate led workshops. The aim is to allow participants to own the output, though they will be guided in the development of this.

Case studies will be used extensively.

Session 8 is important for us all as it is a discussion on how the course could be improved in general and for this client. Are there specifics that it would have been helpful to include, for instance? Should there have been more, or less, time spent on any element of the course? What needs to be the corporate and individual focus as a result?

Course details

Duration: 4 hours

Venue: In-house at your business location

Your Tutors are a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and a Senior Defence Lawyer, formerly an HSE Inspector.

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