Become a course author

SID has a new, different way of delivering the ‘safety in design’ messages to people working in the UK construction industry and beyond. One of the key ways SID does this is by offering high quality training courses that really engage with attendees and can lead to accredited qualifications from CELL (Constructing Excellence Learning Ltd) and Ofqual or NOCN.

Course Authors are topic specialists who wish to share their knowledge and experience. The relevance and excellence of training course content to modern building construction and design are key elements of the SID offering. SID particularly encourages practicing professionals such as engineers and architects to author and deliver courses. SID works with them to help to shape the appropriate level and duration of content and to source, design and develop the necessary products to allow Tutors to deliver first class courses with confidence.

Course Authors can apply to have either a pre-existing course or a new course accepted onto the SID Training Programme and choose whether or not to have it accredited by CELL as the route to a recognised qualification. SID encourages industry wide collaboration and cooperation and will discuss options with those wishing to become Authors.

Benefits of becoming a SID Registered Tutor

There are key benefits to being a SID Author

  • Authority
    SID can help you to develop your professional knowledge and experience into training and related products that are suitable for accreditation by a wide range of bodies including Ofqual (on the national framework). Combining your specialist technical, professional and managerial expertise with our ability to develop content and delivery methods we can generate world class commercial products with you and help you to market them.
  • Association
    SID works closely with a range of strategic partners and encourages co-branding, mutual support, joint marketing and other collaborative approaches to increasing excellence for designers and other decision makers in the built environment. Working with us introduces you to these relationships giving routes to market and robust networks for collaboration.

How to become a SID Author

If you want to be a SID Author you need to:

We will review your proposed course for suitability against our portfolio and against other products on the market. If your course proposal is successful you will usually need to pay a fee to work with us. This will be explained in our response to you and will depend on the recommended route forward.

If you would like your course to be accredited by CELL and Ofqual additional fees apply. The course and its assessment need to fit into the rigid structure of accreditation required by Ofqual. Some courses, particularly Certificates and Diplomas which require very many hours of guided learning, will be achieved by a student taking a succession of courses, which will probably come from different Authors. For this reason it is vital that SID co-ordinates the development of courses.

Course Authors are automatically eligible to apply to become a SID Registered Tutor.