Become a course tutor

SID has a new, different way of delivering the ‘safety in design’ messages to people working in the UK construction industry and beyond. One of the key ways SID does this is by offering high quality training courses that really engage with attendees and can lead to accredited qualifications from CELL (Constructing Excellence Learning Ltd) and Ofqual.

Registered Tutors are a vital part of the training programme as they have the responsibility to deliver authoritative, interesting and attitude-changing training to students.

The quality of the tutors and the training they provide is assured through the SID Tutor Register.  The cost of joining the SID Tutor Register should be balanced against the potential earnings for Tutors, although these are in no way guaranteed and depend on the organisation and delivery of SID training courses. For example, SID expects that a Tutor delivering three 1-day courses a year to earn about £2,000 in fees.  This will almost certainly be considerably more if you are also organising your own courses.

Benefits of becoming a SID Registered Tutor

There are key benefits to being a SID Registered Tutor:

  1. Exclusivity
    Only SID Registered Tutors are permitted to deliver training courses from the SID portfolio. We are proud of our brand and will work with you to create co-branded marketing materials where appropriate.
  2. Association
    SID Registered Tutors can choose to be visible on the SID website and use the logo on their own website. Where appropriate we will use our developing network of partners to help increase your routes to market and build your network. Something we encourage and support.

How to become a SID Registered Tutor:

Prospective Tutors apply to join the Tutor Register and submit their application forms and payments to SID. SID is responsible for checking the qualifications, experience and capabilities of each applicant against two sorts of criteria:

  1. Technical criteria that are specified by the Course Authors of each training course that the Tutor would like to deliver. These criteria may take the form of technical qualifications, a certain number of years industry experience, or membership of particular industry institutions.
  2. Training-style criteria that are set down by SID for the whole training programme. The criteria and how they will be tested are detailed in our Terms & Conditions. To be a tutor you must have attended a course or have been involved in the authoring team.

If you want to apply to be a Registered Tutor you need to:

We will review your application in line with our assessment criteria which can be found within our Terms and Conditions.  We may also ask you to attend an interview, either online or in person.

Successful applicants will be invited to send additional information for us to use to help market you and your professional expertise.  There is an annual review and renewal process – please refer to our Terms and Conditions.