Alongside our partners, 4th Wall Virtual and Synergie Training, we’re once again delighted for another awards longlisting, this time from Constructing Excellent Midlands, for their Health, Safety & Wellbeing award in their West Midlands awards!


Constructing Excellence Midlands logo: A deep blue filled square, with another smaller white square hole within it, with the text 'Constructing Excellence Midlands' aligned to it, on its right. Beneath this the logo has the text in a light cyan blue saying 'Greener, safer, smarter.'

‘Health, Safety & Wellbeing is of paramount importance and a culture of ‘safety first’ is crucial to performance. Overarching health and safety risk management systems and effective health initiatives are fundamental to reducing or eliminating all types of incident and promoting health and well–being across the supply chain.’

Constructing Excellence Midlands on their Health, Safety & Wellbeing award.

So, what makes us right for this award?

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes with 4th Wall Virtual to develop our Health, Safety & Wellbeing learning experiences. This is so that our teaching doesn’t only stick in people’s minds as they plan their projects, influencing team behaviours and outcomes for all, but are also snappy eLearning modules, easy to embed in busy lives and accessible for more people at affordable prices. See it as our effort to bring Health, Safety & Wellbeing understanding and enthusiasm to broad swathes of construction professionals, lowering the often costly bar to entry for businesses whatever their size.

This is in tandem with offering, via Synergie Training, APS-accredited 2-day remote CDM 2015 training courses, whose testimonials speak for themselves. Through these courses we meet many brilliant industry leaders and their teams. They frequently prove how much appetite their is for health, safety and wellbeing to be given more of a progressive focus, embedded as a design and innovation challenge in what is a hugely inspirational and creative industry… rather than as an afterthought, or delivered with the constant and demoralising threat of things going really very wrong. Synergie are the perfect partners through whom we can deliver this focus on ‘better’.

Everyone’s a winner, says SID leadership

‘It’s no secret that Health, Safety & Wellbeing awards are close to our hearts here at Safety in Design: we love to champion those across industry for their good work creating safer and healthier environments for their teams and project successes. It’s all the better when we get to be part of it, too, of course. Thank you to Constructing Excellence Midlands for this honour, and to 4th Wall Virtual and Synergie Training for continuing to be joys to work with on this.’

Liz Bennett, Founder and CEO

The Constructing Excellence West Midlands awards are recognised across the West Midlands built environment as the biggest and brightest celebration of best practice. For more information on the awards, visit Constructing Excellence Midlands.

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To explore 4th Wall Virtual’s offering, visit their site and explore Synergie Training’s courses here.