CDM 2015 Courses Picklist

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Pick list and typical range of subject matter as basis for CDM training

Our standard offerings are never standard! They have shape and structure but also the ability to flex on the course for the attending delegates.

Our ambition is to empower and so we continue to offer ongoing support and mentoring for past delegates.

You can find a typical course programme here where have lists of suggested courses for you.

· How various relevant branches of law are integrated to deliver success and manage failure

· How health and safety law in the UK is structured and how to respond in practice

· The power of the relevant regulators, especially including the Health and Safety Executive

· How to avoid prosecution and build corporate resilience

· How the CDM2015 Regulations are structured and how to reference them for detail

· The shape of CDM 2015 – a project management approach to deliver of success, founded in effective communication led by a collaborative team

· The key documents and bodies of information of CDM 2015, both those named and implied.

· The importance of the Client and why everyone needs to understand the Client duties

· Building the project team. Procurement. Managing value v cost

· Formal appointments, timing and default position

· Notification to the Regulator

· Establishing and maintaining the project “arrangements” – a core Client duty

· Sourcing the appropriate Pre-Construction Information

· Checking project documentation, systems

· Assurance, especially in relation to PD and PC performance

· Asset disposal and CDM

· Projects with multiple CDM Clients/funders

· Domestic projects

· Self-build Interesting facts to include and bring back to HASAWA

· Working with volunteers

· Designers’ duties – what the law says and the implications

· Principal Designer duties – what the law says and the implications

· Principal Contractor duties – what the law says and the implications

· Managing hazard and risk throughout the project and the asset life cycle eg

o Design risk management approaches

o Design and decide intervention points eg BIM, RIBA PoW, Gateways

o Pre-Construction Information

o Design Management Planning

o CDM Health and Safety File

o Construction Phase Plan

· Some of the challenges faced by industry and how to proceed eg

o liability extent,

o site investigation and enabling works,

o being over-ridden,

o temporary works design integration with permanent works,

o Capex and Opex cost/risk management,

o handover and control – snagging, commissioning, operations interaction,

o change management and supplier performance

· What to do when you are not a subject matter expert

· What the Regulator expects of the Principal Designer

o Checklist

o Tolerability of risk, significant risk, etc

· Principal Contractor and contractor perspective on:

o Worker engagement and value

o Construction Phase Plan and Schedule 3

o Access and security

o Induction Training

o Welfare

o Health and Safety File

o Managing small or maintenance projects and programmes of work

The new Building Safety Bill/Act: Direction of travel and current status

Note that until the legislation becomes law you are advised to spend time and other resources attending CPD events rather than training. This is because the law can change during these development stages.