The Safety In Design team are thrilled to have been longlisted for an award. Specifically, the ‘Rebuild and Thrive’ category for the Somerset Business Awards, sponsored by Barclays.

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‘The Rebuild and Thrive Award recognised those businesses who, despite some of the most challenging business conditions ever, have reinvented their offering and been rewarded with a successful business, fit to take on the post-pandemic business landscape.

‘Entries will be able to demonstrate their response to adversity, whether it be COVID, Brexit, the cost of living crisis, the invasion of Ukraine or other issues that have affected the business. You will have created a plan demonstrating a clear idea of how to rebuild or change the business, to recover and thrive and will be able to demonstrate how you are now thriving and moving towards a brighter future.’

Somerset Business Awards

Why us? Why this award?

SID has pivoted as a result of the pandemic. Yes, in terms of the permanent move from in-person to digital-first training. There’s no doubt this has allowed us to save time and money otherwise spent on national travel, and refocus our efforts on delivering new and exciting products to scale. We do this with a fantastic team behind us.

It’s also meant we’ve addressed ways of working in subtler (though arguably more profound) ways, too. Most prominent is our focus on outputs not inputs. We offer our team fully flexible working, encourage the team to pursue their passion projects, and put a premium on wellbeing.

‘During the pandemic it became apparent that wellbeing was a key focus for the team to be able to uphold their everyday duties, at work and at home — lines that blurred for us all. More than that, though, good wellbeing is the platform on which you can build a progressive outlook and encourage resilience, crisis or not.

I’m only sorry it took a pandemic for us to learn these lessons, but I’m proud of the team for finding the continued energy to really deliver, taking the challenge of a business pivot in their stride. We’re stronger than ever.’

Liz Bennett, Founder and CEO

Longlisted for an award! That’s something nice to take with us into this Christmas break.

The Somerset Business Awards recognises companies around the county for exceptional accomplishments across a range of fields. For more information on the awards, visit Somerset Business Awards.

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